Proj_Name Proj_Code Area Need Amount O_Support O_Supp_Dollars Partners Impact_Dir Impact_Potential Goal Stage_Now Continuation_Them Success Proj_Name
Windpower 1 Physical Energy 9800 Yes 4500 Community Energy Committees Local Region Feasible Complete Unknown Yes Windpower
WCROC 2 Physical Energy 56000 Yes 3000000 State MN Local Region Implementation Partial Partial Partial WCROC
Methane Techn 3 Physical Energy 3000 Yes 3000 NW Partnership Region National Feasible Unknown Unknown Partial Methane Techn
CERTS 4 Physical Energy 5000 Yes 45000 LCMR (State MN) Region State Planning Unknown Unknown Unknown CERTS
Prairie Woods 5 Physical Energy 1649 Yes 0 Kandiyohi County Local Region Demonstration Unknown Unknown Unknown Prairie Woods
HC Purchasing 6 Institutional Institutional 55000 Yes 111000 SW Foundation, WCIF, Bremer, MN Dep Health Region State Product Development Planning Unknown Unknown HC Purchasing
Traverse BRE 7 Economic Economic 6000 Yes 6000 Community, WCIF Local Region Planning Unknown Unknown Unknown Traverse BRE
Highway 29 8 Physical Economic 1000 Yes 1000 Community Assistantship Program (CAP) Local Local Info Collection Unknown Yes Unknown Highway 29
Rural Dev Schols 9 Institutional Demographic 2000 Yes Personal Region Education Complete Unknown Unknown Rural Dev Schols
King of Trails 10 Physical Economic, Cultural 3000 Yes 3500 NW Partnership, Memb Fees, Grants Region Region Implementation Partial Yes Yes King of Trails
Pride of Prairie 11 Economic Sustainable Agriculture 183500 Yes 215000 State and Fed Grants Region State Planning, Pilot Planning, ? Yes Partial Pride of Prairie
UMCG 12 Institutional Institutional, Cultural 38330 Yes 73000 Local, State Grants Region Region Implementation Complete Yes Yes UMCG
A Swine Roundtable 13 Economic Sustainable Agriculture 7500 Yes 7500 SE Partnership Region National Planning Complete Unknown Yes A Swine Roundtable
MN River Project 14 Physical Physical, Economic 51000 Yes 56000 State Grants, CURE Region State Implementation Planning Yes No MN River Project
Phosph Index 15 Physical Physical 18000 Yes Local State Pilot Project Partial Yes Partial Phosph Index
Hybrid Poplar 16 Physical Physical 13500 Yes Region Region Pilot Project Incomplete Unknown No Hybrid Poplar
Biomass 17 Physical Energy, Sustainable Ag 5000 Yes USDA Region State Education Beginning Unknown No Biomass
WACCO 18 Institutional Institutional 1000 Yes 1000 Community Funds Region State Needs Assessment Partial Yes Yes WACCO
Walking History 19 Cultural Economic, Cultural 2500 No Local Local Planning Partial Yes Partial Walking History
Flood Mitigation 20 Institutional Institutional 1000 Yes 3257 Extension Service, Communities Region Region Report Prep Complete No, Complete Yes Flood Mitigation
Milan Senior Care 21 Demographic Institutional 1500 Yes UM, CST Local Local Planning Complete No Yes Milan Senior Care
Carbon Sequest 22 Physical Physical 1000 Yes MN Project State State Research Incomplete Unknown Unknown Carbon Sequest
Shorebirds 23 Physical Physical 4000 Yes 23500 Local Region Implementation Complete No Yes Shorebirds
Cultural Diversity 24 Demographic Demographic 4900 Yes 2000 CAP Region Region Planning Complete No Yes Cultural Div
Evaluation 25 Institutional Institutional 10000 No Region Region Report Prep Partial Yes Partial Evaluation
Youth Leadership 26 Demographic Demographic 5000 5000 UMES Region Region Info Collection Complete No Yes Youth Leaders
Study Circles 27 Institutional Institutional
Entrepreneurship 28 Economic Economic 20000 Region Region Research Complete No Unknown Entrepren
Telecom Study 29 Physical Economic, Cultural 5000 No Region Region Inventory Complete No Unknown Telecom