Identify your stage in the learning cycle

VIII. Steps to Complete Tasks:

IV.1. Student Input
Please put the following steps into an order to complete the task

Steps Order
Read resource texts specific to the topic you have been assigned.
Share information with the large group in an informal presentation in class on your assigned date.
Compile information on the topic from the resource text, class discussions, course text, and professional articles.
Engage in a creation of an online wiki document to share information about your topic as noted in the topic checklist provided in class.
Research to find information to fill in the gaps on the topic.
Prepare an outline/concept map with group members to initiate the topic discussion.
Read your group document for purposes of
a. adding to the information, b. correcting misinformation, c. filling in gaps in the information presented, d. staying informed about updates to the wiki, and e. demonstrating your contributions to the group tasks.
Create headings on the wiki document that align with mapped plans.