Identify your stage in the learning cycle

VIII. Steps to Complete Tasks:

IV.1. Student Input
Please put the following steps into an order to complete the task

Steps Order
Select a reading strategy for the lesson.
Seek feedback on your lesson.
Present the lesson.
Write objectives of the read-aloud lesson
Select an assessment that aligns with the read-aloud lesson objective
Select vocabulary to be introduced for the lesson
Plan the mini-lesson by following the lesson plan format using teacher talk throughout the lesson.
Reflect on your own teaching by describing what went well and what you would change to make it more successful in the future.
Identify a scientific research based reading component to address in the read-aloud lesson.
Collect assessment data.
Attach student assessment data in a spreadsheet or chart with the assessed objective identified and results shown for all students; write a narrative to reflect on the assessment data.
Select a developmentally appropriate text for the lesson (grade/age appropriate, step/strategy appropriate).