WARNING: your browser does not support Java, or you have the Java feature disabled. STATLETS will not operate properly under this configuration.

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Menu version (Java 1.1)*
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100% Pure Java Applets for

Statistical Analysis and Graphics

Menu Version

The menu version runs STATLETS in a separate window from the browser. All data to be analyzed is placed in a single spreadsheet which different applets access as needed. Applets are selected from a standard pulldown menu, currently containing over 50 selections. Global preferences may be set which affect all applets.

*Note: The version for Java 1.0 can be executed using any browser. The Java 1.1 version will only work if you are running Sun's HotJava browser. All other users should see the section below on running STATLETS as an application.

Standalone Applets

Each applet may also be executed separately within the browser. One or more data columns are supplied for user input. The standalone applets are designed to be imbedded into user HTML files by corporate intranet administrators to meet specific needs.

Local File Access - Running STATLETS as an Application

STATLETS may also be run as an application outside your browser. This allows anyone to access ASCII files residing on their local computer. To do so, you must have either the Java 1.1 Virtual Machine (JVM) or Java 1.1 Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your computer. The JVM is located in an executable file called java.exe. The JRE may be downloaded from SUN at http://java.sun.com/products/jdk/1.1/jre. Run the batch file "RunStatlets.bat" to start Statlets using the JRE. Please see the file "readme.txt" for more details.

System Requirements


For STATLETS to function properly, you must be using a Java-enabled browser such as Netscape Navigator 3, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3, or Sun's HotJava browser. If you do not see a spinning cube at the top of this page, you will need to obtain a Java-enabled browser or activate the Java feature of your current browser.

Data Entry

This initial version of STATLETS has several methods for data entry. To analyze data, you may:

  1. Type it directly into columns of the STATLETS spreadsheet.

  2. Paste data into the STATLETS spreadsheet using your operating system's clipboard (a good way to move it from a program such as Excel or 1-2-3).

  3. If the data resides in a file on the Internet, you can read it by entering a valid URL (universal resource locator).

  4. If you are using a browser that supports Java 1.1 or are running STATLETS as an application rather than an applet, you can read data from an ASCII file located on your local computer.


If you are running a browser that supports Java 1.1, you may use the printing capabilities of that browser to print the applets. Java 1.0, which is the version supported by Netscape 3 and Internet Explorer 3, does not permit Java applets to print to local printers. To produce hardcopy output from STATLETS using one of those browsers, you may:

  • Copy any text output to a local application using your operating system's clipboard. All text output is placed in simple edit fields for this purpose.

  • Use a screen capture program to print either text or graphics output. Microsoft Windows users will find that the Snagit program from TechSmith Corporation is very effective and economical. It can be downloaded at www.techsmith.com.

User Manual

All STATLETS documentation is online. It may be accessed from within the program or from this documentation link.

Copyrights and Trademarks

The contents of STATLETS is copyright 1997 by NWP Associates, Inc. No portion of STATLETS may be copied or downloaded to any other location. All rights are reserved. STATLETS™ and STATBEANS™ are trademarks of NWP Associates, Inc.

Copyright 1997 NWP Associates, Inc. All rights reserved. STATLETS and STATBEANS are trademarks of NWP Associates, Inc.