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These are the other instructional tools that will be used throughout the course. Enhance your learning by using various IT tools. Here is all the information that you need for the evaluation and assessment process of the course. Note that this process includes the evaluation of the instructor too. Communicate and interact with the other students and instructor. If you scroll down you will see EXAM buttons. Click on them you will get all the information that you need for the exams, including practice tests, previous years' exams with solutions and examination type. General policies about the exams. This includes exam dates including the final. See what the learning objectives of the course are. These are the resources related with what is covered in the course. It includes lecture notes, alternative ways of delivering the same material and links to various electronic textbooks. Activities to enhance learning. These are the statistical computing tools that we will use in the course to make the life easier. I suggest the use of StatCrunch/WebStat. Now, you are going back to the course main page. All the activities are designed to make the complicated ideas simpler. Try them, even if we do not go over them in class. Some of them are really fun. I am constantly adding new ones. Same materials are presented through graphics. This approach will help you to see the "big picture". Also, they all have integrated statistical computing for data analyses and simulations. Links to various interesting sites, including electronic textbooks. Thanks to the scientists who share their work free with others. The first two programs are the same. To run StatCrunch you need to register. Do not worry it is free. List of the topics that will be covered. This page has links to the most of the learning tools that will be used in the course. It has also links to the exam information. General information about the course. If you would like to see what statistics all about and what you are going to learn, this is the link that you should try. Here is your "traditional" course syllabus. General policy on grading. It provides the cut-off points for the letter grade. You can see your performance including all of your homeworks, exams. If you go to the interactive version you can estimate uncompleted course evaluations and see what your letter grade will be. To run the interactive version MS-Excel must be installed. This is just for checking your learning of the concepts. We will work on them during the class and/or after the class. I strongly encourage you to complete them as soon as we complete our discussion on the related section. Do not worry about the score. Now it is your turn. You will evaluate the instructor's performance and critize her/him for improvement. Check when your turn is. Express your opinion and concerns about the course, ask questions, and collaborate with others by partcipating in STAT-BLOG. You need to have a PIN to see your performance in the course. Get your PIN as soon as possible and do not forget it. This will help to collect data in the class very fast so that we can analyze it immediately. If you would like to learn more on the statistics, which is the science of the future visit this site. If you are interested getting a minor or major in statistics talk to one of the statistics faculty. They will be glad to help your academic goals.