Project of MDS and Cluster Analysis

Yuting Gui and Sarah Ma

from above plot, it showed that sexual activity, family and social support, and community safety, are closed to each other; quality to care and access to care are close to each other. we also see on horizontal view, the change from left to right is from measurement of environment to measurement of people; on vertical view, the trend from low to high is from less relationship with other people to more related with other people





This 3d density plot from sexual activity and access to care.

The left is single cluster dendrogram, first we may see that Beltrami and Case, Becker and Carlton, Anoka and Blue Earth are the three clusters that the counties in one cluster are most closed to each other. With the height goes higher, we may see that Clay is firstly incorporated into Becker and Carlton cluster, and then the cluster of Anoka and Blue Earth joins them, and then Chippewa, Chisago, and more counties all join this cluster alternatively. This indicates that

 Single linkage can often give unsatisfactory results if intermediates are present between relatively distinct clusters, because of a phenomenon known as chaining, which refers to the tendency to incorporate these intermediate points into an existing cluster rather than initiating a new one. We could see this more clearly by comparing single method to complete method cluster dendrogram.

From the left complete method cluster dendrogram we may see that this method tend to initiat more new clusters rather than incorporate intermediate points into an existing one.