Professional Development

Discrete Mathematics for all Students

Identify a problem from a discrete mathematics topic that uses concepts in a class you will be teaching this fall. Extend and/or modify the problem to make it accessible to your students. Identify the major concepts. Develop a lesson or activity and appropriate assessment tools to facilitate the students' acquisition of the concepts and assess their understanding. Keep a journal of your observations, reflections, conclusions, and suggestions for further modifications. Submit, the problem, modifications, major concepts, lesson or activity, assessments, key journal notes, and samples of student work with your comments.


Task Checklist





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1. The problem is clearly identified and uses developmentally appropriate discrete mathematics.

2. Modifications and/or extensions provide accessibility of concepts to all students.

3. The connections between concepts presently taught and discrete mathematics is clearly established.

4. The learning activity is inclusive, efficient and comprehensive.

5. Assessment tools include methods, which assess acquisition of both skills and process.

6. The journal provides observations, reflections, conclusions, and suggestions for further modifications as well as evidence of professional development.

7. Written comments to student work are insightful and appropriate.






Engin Sungur, Ph.D. & Kathy Meyer, M.Ed. &