Statistical Analysis of the "Assessment of Student Learning Experience: General Education" Survey


by Engin Sungur

and Kim Adams

July 1998




The results of this analysis are based on the results of 186 surveys that were taken by 1998’s graduating UMM students. This was a very high response rate given that there was only 380 graduating seniors for the whole year. In addition, these surveys were administered both electronically over the internet and by hard copy.




Shifts in Intended Major by Division


This chart shows the shifts that students made from the division of their intended major when they first entered UMM to the division of the major they are graduating with. There are several key things to look at on this chart. First of all, 44% of the changes in the students’ majors for this survey changed to the Social Sciences. This number can be compared to the 23% that shifted to Education, 23% to Humanities and 8% to Math and Science. This trend seems to be consistent with last years numbers the only exception being that Education has more students moving towards that division.

Another important shift to note is the large amount of changes away from Math and Science in general. 59% of all of the changes in this chart are heading away from the Math and Science division while there are only 24% leaving the Social Sciences, 10% leaving Humanities, and 8% from Education. These numbers are also consistent with last years results.


Number of Years at UMM

Of the 186 students surveyed, 132 (71%) of them went to the University of Minnesota, Morris for four years. 23 students (12%) went for three years, 9 (5%) students attended for 2 years and 23 (12%) of them went to UMM for more than four years. This gave the number of years at UMM a mean of 3.89 and median of 4.00 (standard deviation was 0.70).


Immediate Career Plans


1=Graduate School

2=Professional School

3=Major Related Employment

4=Employment Not Related to Major


From this graph you can see that the majority of UMM graduates go directly on to major related employment. Out of the remaining students, 42% of them are going to graduate school, 14% are attending professional school, 12% will seek employment not related to their major, and 31% have other plans.


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