Nonparametric Statistical Methods
Supplemental Text
by Dr. A.J. Rossini

An electronic statistics texbook on nonparametric statistical methods.
Nonparametric Statistics by StatSoft Inc. Overview of nonparametric procedures, when to use which method, nonparametric correlations.
Nonparametric Statistics Overheads on nonparametric statistics.
Nonparametric Statistics Text Intrroductory level nonparametric methods. Includes goodness-of-fit tests, sign test, Wilcoxon signed rank test.
Overview of Nonparametric Data Analysis Techniques Course syllabus with links to explanation of nonparametric techniques.
PROPHET StatGuide: Nonparametric Tests--Tests that do not assume normality Comprehensive explanations of various nonparametric tests.
Statistics Calculator Links to calculators for computing summary statistics (mean, standard deviation, etc.), distributions, t-tests, ANOVA, regressions, nonparametric statistics, plots, etc.
Statistics Glossary by Valerie J. Easton & John H. McColl Overview of nonparametric tests, Wilcoxon Mann-Whitney test, Wilcoxon signed ranks test, sign test.
Statistics in Archaeology: New Direction by Pedro Delicado
The objective of this paper is to offer an outlook of some statistical techniques that are being developed in the most recent years and that can be of interest for archaeologists in the short run.
Intrasubject nonparametric statistics approach Application of nonparametric methods.
ActiveX This is a freeware (online ActiveX) program to perform nonparametric tests.
Violation of Assumptions: Robustness This applet lets you explore the effect of violations of the assumptions of normality and homogeneity of variance on the type I error rate and power of t tests (and two-group analysis of variance).
Circular Data Analysis by Steve Formaneck