History of Statistics and Probability

History of Statistics and Probability


Shows different links to probability and statistics sites


It gave a brief discription of the history of Probability. It talked about the begining of probability in 1654, begining with Pascal and Fermat writing letters to each other. It also talked about Laplace combining probability and statistics in 1812.

David A. Berntson

History of Monte Carlo Method: Gives an overview of the Monte Carlo Method and its history. Links to mathematicians involved, including Gosset (picture included).


History of Game Theory: This site gives an outlined summary of the history of game theory. Includes a link to a work on the subject by Fisher.

Ryan J. Brown

This is a search tool/database where you can enter keywords and recieve info on them. The most useful part of this site is the list of biographies associated with each math topic entered in the search. The search words "probability or statistics" return 128 biographies of mathematicians associated with that. Pretty useful for our papers.


Here is another semi'useful site if you're looking for historical advances in theory and mathematical ideas.

Jessica J. Ehlenz
Laura M. Eisenmenger

Gives some other people to look at.


Gets people started looking for what they need in probability.


Here one can find many major Statistician or Probabilist

Brian J. Friedrichs

This site deals with Tukey's HSD procedure for pairwise comparisons among means and where he got his idea from.

http://www.acsu.buffalo.edu/~gupta/biography/mahalanobis.html This site deals with a detailed biography of mahalanobis and his life work. Sandra Hohnstadt

Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Satistics This is a collection of models, trials and explanations of various subjects dealing with probability and stats. Some of the trials are hands on. It is a cool site.

http://www.seanet.com/~ksbrown/iprobabi.htm Probability and Statistics This page is a colection of articles dealing with probability and statistics. Some of the articles deal with people, while others are explanations of different theories. It is a good collection of articles. Kristopher K. Lynk

Includes numerous math links, including some history of math links.


Includes a list of famous mathmeticians and a brief description of their most important contributions

Jeremy W. Mattson
http://www.psych.ucalgary.ca/coursenotes/PSYC331/StudyTools/ StudentContributions/maccullough.html This site gives personal inforation on Karl Pearson in particular, but it also describes his relationship to other mathematicians of his time. Personal information about Pearson and his contributions to mathematics are described. http://www.stolaf.edu/people/single/stats.html

This site has pictures of six famous mathematicians who have made contributions to statistics and/or probability. Following the pictures are short biographies on each of the mathematicians.

Laurie L. Plahn

This website focuses on the early beginnings of probability. It discusses the start of games of chance as early as 3500 B.C. These games usually used the astragalus, a cube-shaped heel bone, in place of a die. Over time, people became interested in the different chances involved in their games. The mathematicians Cardano, Pascal, and Fermat are believed to be the first ones to calculate probability correctly.


This website includes a link to an outline of the History of Game Theory. It also provides numerous links to web pages that cover many different aspects of the History of Mathematics. These include specific subjects, books, and timelines of the history of math. Many links also different aspects of the History of Mathematics. These include specific subjects, books, and timelines of the history of math. Many links also contain information about specific mathematicians in history.

Paula A. Weimer