Assignment 4 

Penny Experiment, 4.3

(a) Probability estimate

Expected probability

(b) Estimated probability that the first head appears on odd-numbered toss


Matching Probabilities, 4.11

(a) This event is impossible

(b) This event is certain

(c) This event is very unlikely

(d) This event will occur more often than not


Human Blood, 4.15

(a) Probability of type AB blood . Why?

(b) the probability that a randomly chosen black American can donate blood to Maria


The Cause of Death, 4.21

The probability that a death was due either to cardiovascular disease or to cancer .

The probability that the death is due to some other cause.


The Government employment Data, 4.25

(a) Is this a legitimate assignment of probabilities? Why?

(b) The probability that the worker is female

(c) The probability that the worker is not engaged in farming, forestry, or fishing

(d) The probability that the worker holds a job in one of these classes

(e) The probability that the worker does not hold a job in Classes D or E


Education, 4.31

(a) Explain why p(A)=0.230

(b) P(B) is

(c) P(A and B) is . Are the events A and B independent


Six-sided Die, 4.33

Which sequence do you choose. Why?


Education Study, 4.41





(e) The values of X make up the event is. the probability of the event is


Uniform Density Curve, 4.45








The Government data, 4.63








Robotics Corporation, 4.87

The probability that the dollar falls and the supplier demands renegotiations is .



Robotics Corporation, 4.89

The probability that the supplier will demand renegotiations.