Minnesota Data Opener Contest Entry
Created by Jessica Orth

Title: Percent of people 25 years and over who have completed high school and a bachelor’s degree by county (2009-2010)

Source: 2005-2009 and 2006-2010 American Community Survey 5-year Estimates

Description: In the initial display of this visualization, we can see the distribution of the county level educational attainment for Minnesota along with the state average. Scroll your mouse over the bubbles to see the names of the counties or select the counties you are interested in viewing from the selection box. You can change the variables that are displayed on the x-and y-axes and also the size and shape of the bubbles by clicking on the drop-down boxes and making your desired selection. To put this data in motion, click the play button in the lower left corner. From this visualization, we can see that Nobles and Watonwan have the lowest percentages of people 25 years and over completing high school and a bachelor’s degree. We can also see that many of the counties in the Twin Cities region are above the state average for these characteristics. Clicking on the tab in the upper right hand corner of the display creates a bar graph of the data. You can change the variables displayed on the x- and y-axis to get different views of the data, and you can also put this bar graph in motion by clicking the play button. To see a line graph of the data, click on the third tab in the upper right. Clicking on the “Edit Chart” button in the upper left corner allows you to further change the display of the visualization, including making a table of the data set.