CENSUS: Part 2

If the individual was born abroad, fill out 25-27; otherwise skip to 28
25. Entry year to US 26. # of years in US
27. Naturalization status
28. Occupation 29. # of months of school attendance
30. Read in any language? 31. Write in any language?
32. Speak English? 33. Home ownership
34. House type 35. Marital Status

If indian fill out the following, otherwise skip this section
36. Native name 37. Tribe
38. Father's tribe 39. Mother's tribe
40. The percentage of “white” blood 41. Taxed?
42. The year the individual acquired citizenship

43.Check the method through which the indian individual acquired citizenship
acquired citizenship through “receiving an allotment of land from the government"
acquired citizenship by other means
has not acquired citizenship yet

44.Check the box that describes the type of housing the individual occupies
tent, teepee, or other movable structure
a permanent dwelling of any kind