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To account for the large differences in counties in relation to urban and rural counties, it is easier to view the data in the log-log scale. To change the display to the log-log scale, click on the lin arrow and select log for both the x and y- axes.

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*Economic Multidimensional Scaling

Chart 10
Chart 11
*Education Multidimensional Scaling
*Education Attainment

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Chart 12
GeoMap 2
*Social Multidimensional Scaling

*Commuting Multidimensional Scaling

Central Minnesota Region
GeoMap C.1

Northland Minnesota Region
GeoMap N.1

Northwest Minnesota Region
GeoMap NW.1

Southern Minnesota Region
GeoMap S.1

Southwest Minnesota Region
GeoMap SW.1

Twin Cities Region
GeoMap TC.1

West Central Minnesota Region
GeoMap WC.1

. Eagles Nest, Fall Lake, Morse, and Stony River Townships Project
. Morris City
. Upper Minnesota Valley
. Pine County

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