Center for Small Towns
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Eagles Nest, Fall Lake, Morse, and Stony River Townships Survey


Dear Resident—

As a property owner within the four townships, Eagles Nest, Fall Lake, Morse and Stony River, we are asking you to help create a township profile by clicking on the link “Take the Survey” above. Our goal is to create an economic profile of the four townships which will define the economic base, show what the needs are of the people who spend time there (full time and seasonal residents) and provide information useful to town boards, other elected officials, people interested in creating businesses, residents themselves, and any other group to which the information might be of value. The information will include data about peak time of residency (when seasonal residents are counted) which will help identify times of peak need for emergency and other services, identify unmet business needs and how people are using recreational, educational, and commercial facilities and areas. The survey will not take longer than 15-20 minutes to complete.

The survey is a cooperative effort between the Center for Small Towns (CST) and Data Services Center at the University of Minnesota, Morris and a committee of citizens with representatives from each of the four townships. During the past year, the committee has contacted and met with town boards to get their input and insight into the survey. Citizen focus groups, the director of the Ely Chamber of Commerce and other individuals in the community were interviewed by University of Minnesota (UMM) statistics professor Engin Sungur (lead faculty member on the project) and student researcher Reid Ronnander. Professor Sungur was responsible for overseeing the survey’s creation and administration. Ronnander created the survey and revised it after receiving input from interviewees. Morse Township resident Anne Stewart Uehling chairs the four township committee coordinating the survey efforts.

Instructions: Please click on the link above and complete the online survey by March 31, 2013. If you would like, you can click on the PDF version, print a paper copy, complete it and mail it to the following address;

Center for Small Towns

Welcome Center

600 East 4th Street

Morris, Minnesota 56267.

The questions should be answered by the main owner of the four townships property/land. All questions refer to your property/land, unless otherwise noted. By completing the survey you will contribute to the understanding of the needs and assets of your township and enhance future planning. The record kept of your survey response does not contain any identifying information about you. There is no way of matching your identification with your responses on this survey. All data follows strict University of Minnesota data protection policy.

Thank you very much for completing this survey. Your input will help us create a true representation of the residents of your township.